Thursday, March 28, 2013

Have You Visited

Hello Agents!

How is everyone this afternoon?  We are all doing great!  My dad, my mom, my oldest brother, and our friend arrived home at about two o' clock this afternoon.  They had a great trip, and got all of the errands done that they had planned on.  This evening my oldest brother will have to go in to work (they called him in), but other than that we will probably just be helping them unpack, and maybe play some games (a board game or a card game) together for a while.

Have any of you ever investigated  I have been browsing around on there a little, and it really reminds me of when our home church participated in the Bible competition.  I have told ya'll a little bit about the competition before, but not everything.  Last year (the competition was in March or April) we went and watched our home church.  We weren't supposed to still be in that area at the time so my sister wasn't able to actually participate in the competition, but we all had fun watching, and helping out.  A couple of us helped watch the little kids (to young to participate, but loved watching), some of us were overseeing the younger kids that were participating (but still needed some help), some of us helped as team leaders, etc. This year we were not able to stay and watch the awards being given out (we had a couple of hours drive), but we were told before we left that one of the younger girls won first place individual Bible quizzing, the teams won first and second place in several of the Bible relays, and a couple of the others won the individual relays/sword drills/etc.  Usually once the competition is over our whole group goes out to dinner together (always at a certain fast food italian restaurant).  The food tastes great (I usually choose the Fettucini  Alfredo with breadsticks and a Coke).  Their breadsticks are REALLY good (especially with marinara sauce!).  Everyone has a lot of fun, and we usually sit there for a while fellow-shipping, and then head back (who rides with who :).  Has your family/church participated in any Bible competitions?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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