Friday, March 29, 2013

Make Sure You Aren't Speeding!

Hello Agents!

How is everyone doing this morning?!?  We are doing great!  After helping the rest of the family unpack last night, we all sat down and had dinner (hot dogs with cheese and chili, and canned fruit as the side - my little sister did this meal, can you tell? :), and the had Family devotions and played a couple of games together.

How many drivers do you have in your family?  Any teenagers with a permit?  Since we have a pretty large family (there are eight of us) we have three drivers that have a drivers license and three drivers that have a permit.  Yes, some of the drivers with permits do not drive much yet (just to the post office or grocery store in town), but it still has been really stressed in our family to make sure that you are not speeding, to make sure you use the turn signals (every single time, not just major turns), to stop at the stop signs, etc. We have been working on how to back up properly, making sure you are not to close to the side (or the middle!) of the road, slowing down on curves or when the road is wet/icy/snowy, slowing instead of jerking to a stop, how to turn properly (staying in your lane while turning), etc.

Anyway... after everyone is finished with school today, we are planning on going over to the local gym and playing racquetball.  Friday night is always our family night (we stay up a little later than usual, have some snacks - soda, ice cream, popcorn, etc.-, play games (boards games, card games, puzzles, crafts, etc.) together, and have Family devotions.  On Saturday is pretty much a free day.  We usually sleep in a little bit (except for those of us that have TaeKwonDo classes on Sat. morning), do some extra chores around the house, bathe the dogs (or any little thing that needs to be done), sometimes we all go to the local park and play some type of ball (two hand touch football, kick ball, baseball, soccer, etc.) together.  What does your family do on Saturdays?  Do you visit your park or go out for a treat?  Leave a comment and let us know!

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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