Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Have You Seen any Funny Flags Recently?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone doing today?  Everyone here is great.  It ended up just being my dad going over to the gym and to pick up groceries, and run a few errands).  My brothers were going to play racquetball, but they all decided that they will try and play together another day.

Have any of you seen any funny signs or flags recently?  I mean anything... business signs, billboards, yard/lawn signs, Feather Flags, bumper stickers, car magnets, etc?  Since we travel a lot we often see funny signs or billboards.  Sometimes it is just the way the sentence reads, a spelling or grammar error, sometimes even just an error with punctuation turns a common everyday sign into something hilarious that you will remember for ages and tell your friends about!  Of course we always think it is funny when the front passenger is not buckled, the vehicle lights up in the front and says to "Belt Passenger"!  :)  And I have told you before about the sign in the music store that said... "Help the economy, buy a guitar!".  They certainly have a sense of humor :).  We also saw (at a pizza buffet we ate at recently that had metal signs all over the walls!) some really funny signs.  One of them said "Stupidity is not a handicap! - Park Elsewhere!".  That would be a neat sign to have :).   And then there is always the big flatbed truck we saw that was totally empty except for tied on right in the middle... was a little Tonka truck!  It looked so funny.  Do you have any funny signs or bumper stickers?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Anyway... we are all pretty much packed.  One of my brothers is going to make sure the vehicle is all ready for us, and then we are going to start bringing everything out.  My little sister chose three to four games to bring for us to play together on Thursday evening or Friday morning and afternoon.  We also have to get the cooler ready to go (we will probably put the drinks and such in tonight, and add the ice in the morning).

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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