Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Looking for a Dentist?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone doing this morning?  We are all doing great!  The four of us girls are pretty much packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning.  We have our clothing bags packed and ready to be brought out to the vehicle this afternoon, we have to bring our our bathroom bags (a couple of us are showering before leaving in the morning), we have the sandwich items/snacks/soda/tea/etc. that will need brought out, and then computers/purses/etc.

Are any of my agents looking for a Riverton Dentist?  I remember a family dentist we had when I was younger... everyone thought he was the best.  I remember when after everything was done he would let us each choose something from his bin (it had an assortment of toys, stickers, etc.).  Of course we usually grabbed the sticky hands that you throw against the windows :).  We thought they were the greatest!  Have you/your family had a favorite family dentist?

Anyway... this afternoon some of the family will be going over to the local gym to play racquetball together (probably just my dad and my two brothers), and this evening we have TaeKwonDo classes.  Everyone is doing really well... right now our Instructor/Teacher is really pushing the different types of self defense tactics/moves, because he wants us to help with another self defense class he will be starting soon.  We will probably try and get an early bedtime tonight since we leave pretty early tomorrow (and three of us are showering before we leave:).  If we have time today we are also going to try and do some more work in the back yard and deck - we bought some flower pots (some green and red plastic and some really pretty floral ceramic pots), potting soil, and some other things we will be using out back.  It is starting to look really nice! Yesterday we swept off the deck (there are actually three to four levels of the deck out back), put things away, pulled the covers off of the wicker chairs, got the water fountain set up, started getting the flowers set up (we have roses and some other flowers in pots on the deck), etc.  How are you getting ready for spring?

This is a sponsored post. but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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