Friday, April 5, 2013

I Would Love a Western Themed Bedroom!

Hello Agents!

How are all of you doing this morning?  We are doing great and really enjoying our girl time together.  Last night we went bowling (it was five dollars for all you can bowl for two hours and that included shoe rentals!).  Recently we have really been discussing about how would like our rooms.  

Now I would love to have a western themed bedroom with a little light purple (lavender or violet maybe?).  I have seen some really nice Western Comforters that look so neat.  And then of course the matching curtains, a nice horse rug, some nice horse or western accessories around the room (cowgirl boots in the corner of the room, a cowgirl hat on a neat looking hat stand, a lasso on the wall, maybe a realistic looking rifle above the bed, etc.).  I always thought it would be neat to have a stool made with a western style saddle.  You know maybe have a decal/paint on one side of the room (wall) that looks like a barn/stable, or horses running.  I found a really neat bed before that looked like an old wagon, or there was another one (this one was a bunk bed) that looked like a cabin/bunk house.  It looked really neat!  I think it would be neat to have the door painted as a horse looking over a stall door.  Of course we can't forget the western themed stand up or table lamps, book shelves, desks, etc.  What about a Cactus - I could have a cactus on an older western desk  There are so many great ideas for a western themed bedroom!  

My little sister has told us over and over about how she wants her room very girly with a mixture of themes.  She wants it either hot pink or red, with several themes - she wants it Chinese themed, with horses, cats, and more!  She wants to have a HUGE hot pink bean bag in one corner of the room, with a Chinese parasol overhead where she can sit and read or write, or do homework! Does you family have any special themes they would like for a bedroom?  Leave a comment and let us know!  

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.  

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BlessieNelson said...

Yes, we love an old Victorian theme! Lets see if we can fulfill it!