Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Gift Guide Event #17 Tap Dance Made Easy for Kids Review/Giveaway

Hello Agents!!

How is everyone doing?  We are doing good-we have been getting ready because Thursday we leave and head to the Chicago area, we come back Friday, Saturday we have class (and unpacking and repacking) and then we leave again for another overnight trip. So yes, we are pretty busy right now. :)

I received a Tap Dance Made Easy for Kids DVD. Now, my teenage sister (just turned thirteen in Oct.), has always thought tap dancing was neat. She even bought a pair of tap dance shoes, but she didn't have any way of learning it!  Now we do!

Here is a little information about the TDME for Kids... "Learn the tap dance 'alphabet' in a fun, clearly instructed video that includes basics, exercises, and a fun dance combination!   The video is structured into two Levels, each level is 30 minutes in length (both levels are included in this video!): 'Level 1' teaches the ultimate basics of tap dance, taught from the ground-up: steps, touches, stamps, shuffles, and more. 'Level 2' continues where Level 1 left off, and introduces more challenging steps such as creating groupings of the basic steps.  Each 30 minute class ends with a dance combination. "


This TDME for Kids DVD is perfect for kids, and is very easy to understand and follow along. My sister is going to get a lot of use out of this, I assure you!  And don't worry if you make a couple mistakes.  Christy sometimes has "balance" issues, and Eli gives some tips!  Another nice feature is that it has two views... from the front, and sometimes back/side view.  

Tap Dance Made Easy for Kids would seriously make a great gift. Seriously, who wouldn't want to learn how to tap dance?!?  You can purchase this and other instructional DVDs at the TDME website. You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news.

Some of what you will learn in the TDME for Kids DVD!

Tap Dance Made Easy has given me 
1 TDME for Kids DVD + 1 TDME Vol.1: Basic for 1 of my Agents!

Tap Dance Made Easy for Kids DVD Would Make A #1 Gift!


I received no monetary compensation for this review and giveaway. I did receive product for review purposes only. All text in red is taken from the sponsor's website. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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Nancy said...

I also like their Super Deluxe 10 Pack Set.