Monday, January 27, 2014

Trix Review/Giveaway

Hello Agents!

How is everyone doing this morning?  When we visited ChiTAG we received a new game called Trix, from Porcupine Press.  Well, lets start investigating!

Trix is a really fun (yes, addictive) word game.  I have to tell you... when I first pulled out Trix my little sis was a little reluctant to play with me.  She sat and watched while I set it up and read the instructions.  She needed a little help on how to play, but after the first round she said "okay, lets play one more round so you can get some more pictures.".  She started getting excited about it and we ended up playing until lunch.  She now thinks Trix is a lot of fun!

First you set out the three stacks of cards.  Blue - Person, Red - Action, Green - Place.  Somebody tries to find three cards (one from each section), that they can describe with just one or two words.  

This is your board that you use when you pick three words, or when you are guessing the three words the other person chose.

Okay, my sister did this one.  I guessed that it was Church, Fear, and Priest, so I put my counters on the guessing board.  I was right!  :)  

You win points if the guessers choose your cards correctly.  You get extra points if you can describe all three cards with one word.  So yes, the family does enjoy this game and thinks it is a lot of fun!  

Was one of your New Years Resolutions to spend more time together as a family?  Whether it was or not, it sure is worth purchasing Trix for you and your family!

Trix is going to send 1 of my Agents a Trix game!  Make sure you enter below!

Trix is a #1 Game!


I received no monetary compensation for this review/giveaway. I did receive product for review purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All text in red is taken from the sponsors website.

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tavernie said...

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tina reynolds said...

I had no idea they were spineless actually learned something new today thanks :)

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