Monday, February 3, 2014

Animal Planet Puppy Bowl X Gift Set! #Petacular

Hello Agents!!

How is everyone doing today?  We have another addition to our Petacular Event.  This one is from Animal Planet!  Animal Planet put together this super Puppy Bowl X Gift Set and they allowed us to review one.  It is so adorable!  First we will start with the bed.  It is a super, soft bed... one of those Micro-Suede dog beds!  Next is a Puppy Bowl Plush Football.  It squeaks, is soft, and has rope coming out of each end for your puppy to grab hold of it with.  Then we received a Puppy Bowl Pet Tee.  It is white, pink and green and says Cheer Leader, with a net ruffle around the bottom.  Last of all are some snacks for the Puppy Bowl... Animal Planet's very own Soft and Chewy Treats.  They are the Salmon Recipe.  Our dogs REALLY enjoyed them!

Did you watch any of the Puppy Bowl X?  I didn't but, there are video clips on their website you can view.  Anything from the lineups, or the special moments, to half time and many more.  Take a couple of minutes and sit down and enjoy watching a few of the clips.

Pansy has claimed the dog bed.  She loves to curl up in a nice soft bed.  Pansy is our cuddler (Grace prefers a carpet or mat).

We let Shadow model our Pet Tee for you.  She is our energetic Schipperke who never really seems to slow down.  :)  Perfect as a cheer leader!

She looked so cute!  

The Puppy Bowl Football will probably be claimed by Jubilee.  The other dogs enjoy playing with squeaky toys, but Jubilee is definitely the one that enjoys toys the most.  She likes to lay in the kitchen and chew on a toy.  Whenever you hear a toy squeaking it is usually Jubilee who is found playing.

The Salmon Recipe Treats will be/have been shared by all.  The pictures will show you how eager they were to try them!

If you have never visited the Animal Planet website to shop, you really need to head over and look around.  Not only do they carry other Puppy Bowl X items, but they also have cups, tees, games, toys and more.

Animal Planet is going to give one of these Puppy Bowl X Gift Packs to the winner of this giveaway.  Please be sure to visit the Animal Planet website and watch some of their Puppy Bowl X video clips.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken directly from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Robyn-coolestmommy R said...

I liked the blackout at the puppy bowl clip.

Jackie said...

I laughed watching "It's Game Time". It was funny how they picked up Teddy's friends. The dogs are so cute!

618mom said...

I liked kickoff at the White House

Urd-chan said...

Gee, I loved the entire Puppy Bowl and have quite a few favorites among the pups. I'd have to say I like the "Subaru Drive of the Day" video the best because it shows my very favorite of the puppies - Loren - making his four touchdowns. I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Two are mixes, and my Seiji looks like he has some Brittany in him (although he's huge - the biggest of my pack, but his coloring and markings really look Brittany). Anyway, Loren and Seiji have very similar faces, so of course I fell for Loren.

amweeks said...

We had such a fun time watching the Puppy Bowl this year! We voted for Ginger, so now having watched the videos I have to say that I loved 'Ginger's String of Penalities".

Benita said...

I liked Are you REady for puppy bowl X?

April R. said...

I liked the "Please Rise for Our National Anthem video". I have no idea how they got all those puppies to stand at attention to shoot that video.

DH Jax said...

It's game time was cute how they picked up all the dogs...reminds me of my pack all in the car together. I have eight dogs, including three rescues. My rescues are a long hair chihuahua, a pit bull and a sheltie and my others are all shelties. Loved the pics of your shelties, always like seeing someone else who has the breed, especially someone who has more than one of the breed! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize. I have two shelties that would squish and cuddle in that bed together as that's what they do with a similar bed they have now....and all my kids would enjoy all the prizes.