Saturday, February 1, 2014

Treat of the Week - Fruitables!

Hello Agents!

We are starting off the first day of our Petacular Event with a company that offered to be our Treat of the Week, Fruitables.  They have volunteered to feature one treat each week and they are going to send 3 winners of each giveaway that specific Treat of the Week!  Isn't that Spectacular!  Thank you Fruitables!  Now join PI of Products, At the Fence and Hope's Cafe as we kick off this Petacular Event!

So, to start off we have their Whole Jerky Natural Dog Treats.  Our dogs love them!  We have one dog that is very picky about what she eats and she LOVES Fruitables Jerky.  The Whole Jerky Treats come in several different flavors, Roasted Chicken Tenders, Grilled Bison Strips and Thick Cut Bacon.  All of the treats are premium cuts, no fillers and no nitrates.

Don't allow the name Fruitables to throw you off.  We will be reviewing their other natural dog treats that are filled with fruits and other good products for your furry friend.  Our dogs can't wait!

We took our dogs out in the snow (it has been snowing since yesterday afternoon, and we are supposed to get 4-8 inches on Tuesday) and brought some of the Fruitables Whole Jerky Treats out with us.  Look how they respond!  They sit so nice (most of the time anyway) and patiently waiting for their treats.  We actually have to spell treat, because if we say it out loud we end up with faithful friends sitting at our feet!  I hope they don't learn what T-R-E-A-T spells!

Agents, as you can see all our furry friends are really enjoying their Fruitables Whole Jerky Natural Dog Treats.  I have a very strong feeling that your dog is going to love them too!  It is so nice to know that we can give our pets a special treat that is good for them.

A little about:
Vetscience was created by people with a passion for innovation and advanced nutrition with a primary focus on natural and harvest fresh ingredients. We believe deeply in proven efficacy, a commitment to research and animal health, and actively support major university studies, which have included significant breakthroughs in companion animal obesity and satiety research.

Now, as I said earlier Fruitables is going to be our treat of the week all through our Petacular Event, so make sure to follow them on their social media pages. Tweet at them or give them a shout out about how much you are enjoying them help sponsor our Petacular event.  You will be seeing more Fruitable products in the upcoming weeks.

Fruitables Social Media:
Facebook - Here
Twitter - Here

Now, make sure you enter the giveaway.  3 winners, will each receive the treat of the week.  Make sure to share with your friends about this giveaway and of course our Petacular Event.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Emily Reviews said...

my dogs would most like to try the chicken jerky because chicken seems to be their favorite type of meat.

littleheathen9109 @ Yah00 d0t c0m

Urd-chan said...

My dogs love just about any treat you give them (I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds, and hounds love to eat). I'd love to get one of every flavor! I'd definitely like to try their fruit/vegetable flavors, but the product that makes me most curious to see how my dogs would take to it is the Bison treats.