Monday, October 27, 2014

Kid's Academy Educational Apps Review!

Hello Agents!

I had a chance to review of couple of kids learning apps and I wanted to share my reviews with all of  you here.  What are some of your favorite learning apps for kids?

Kids Academy

1.  This first app is the Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games.  This is a really neat app teaching children the shapes of letters and numbers.  With an interactive screen  and attractive graphics, and child is sure to like this, and the best part is that they are learning while having fun!


2.  This app is called The Kid's Academy ABC's!  This is a neat app to help your child learn how to read.  There are mazes where you drag the bone in front of the dog to get the dog to the end of the maze.  In some the dog is thinking of an item, and you have to bring him to the item that rhymes with whatever he is thinking about.  Such as Pen and Hen!

3. And the last app I reviewed was the Bingo ABC Alphabet Phonics. I think just about everybody has heard this song before.  You know, B-I-N-G-O --- B-I-N-G-O --- and BINGO was his Namo!  Yes, I know it can get annoying to parents :), but it can be a learning song for your children.  Again, I really like the cute and colorful graphics!

So, pull out your iPhone/iPod/iPad/whatever and start downloading these games for your kids!

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