Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun + Educational Math Apps for Your Kids!

Hey Agents!

How is everyone doing this morning?  Are you looking for some fun, and yet educational apps to download for your children.  Check out these great apps that I recently had the chance to review...

1.  Splash Math - Grades 1 to 5 App

"We recently downloaded this app and love it.  M. has had a little bit of trouble with some of the fifth grade and higher math, so this looks like a good solution.  It is fun, but it teaches valuable mathematical concepts.  It might even be an idea for me to go through some of the higher levels for a refresher!  :D"

2.  Preschool & Kindergarten Splash Math App

"This is a wonderful app to download to your apple device for your children that are in Preschool and Kindergarten. Does one of them need a little help with their math, but you don't have time to go over it with them? Try this app out! Not only will you like the educational part, but I am sure they will be THRILLED with the cute and interactive graphics. After you win so many "points" you get to choose an animal/foliage to add to your own little jungle. Awesome!"

Join the 8 million+ users! Download Splash Math on iTunes! Get SplashMath for Grades 1-5 Get SplashMath for Pre-K

Or check them out on Google Play!

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