Monday, March 25, 2013

Commander-In-Chief is Great!

Hello Agents!

How is everyone today?  This morning I have another great product from ChiTAG!  We met Paul at ChiTAG, and he gave us one of his Commander-In-Chief Board Games to review.

Okay, most of you know that my family plays board games together several times a week, and we are always trying out new games.  So recently when it was time for games I pulled out Commander-In-Chief!  

The contents of the box are 30 different playing pieces (2 Commanders, 4 Fighters, 4 Tanks, 2 Bombers, 4 Submarines, 4 Helicopters, 8 Amphibians, 2 Destroyers), 30 Platform Bases, 10 Aerial Platform Bases, 1 One Minute Sand Timer, 1 "Chess/Checkers/Commander-In-Chief Double Sided Game Board, 1 Commander-In-Chief Game Rules, and 2 Commander-In-Chief Quick Start Guides".  

It didn't take long for H. and I to set up the game board, and then we got started!

The playing pieces are REALLY neat!  My little sister likes just playing with the pieces.  Some of the playing pieces are black, and some of them are silver.

"Commander-In-Chief is a game that is played warring two opposing armed forces represented by specially designed playing pieces that are mounted on Platform Bases and placed on a game board comprised of sixty four alternating dark and light colored squares arranged in eight lines of eight squares each, i.e., the traditional checkerboard. The square board is set up for play orientated in a diamond shape so that a dark colored square is always positioned at the top and bottom of the board, as the single square in the First row closest to each player’s seated position. Progressing toward the center of the board, the Second row per side contains two light colored squares; the Third row per side contains three dark colored squares, and so on and so forth."

The objective of the game is to "Capture Your Opponent’s Commander  Or To Outscore Your Opponent  Over An Arbitrary Period Of Time  (10, 20, 30 Min., Etc.)  The Battlefields Of The Game Are Through The Air, On Land And In The Sea Multiple Game Play Options Are Available  For Commander-In-Chief Including Team Game Play"

Here are the basic instructions..."Commander-In-Chief is a strategy war game for two (to four) players. To begin play, one player (team) selects the dark and one player (team) selects the light colored armed forces to be in command of throughout the game. Each player places their playing pieces on the game board in their starting positions. When ready, the players take alternating turns moving their playing pieces one by one about the board, either to an unoccupied square or to an opponent occupied square, and in the latter case, capturing opponent’s playing piece from that square as only one playing piece may occupy any given square at any single moment in time. Once a playing piece is captured, it is permanently removed from the game. The playing pieces can only move along straight, unobstructed paths, unless stated otherwise. The playing pieces that can Go Under or Go Over can jump (go around) other playing pieces. Jumping playing pieces does not result in their capture. Only one playing piece may be moved on a single turn and the player (team) with the dark colored playing pieces always moves first. The players must move on their turn. A turn is officially over when a player physically releases contact with one of their playing pieces at a new position. Play evolves, turn by turn, from the beginning of the war through the game’s eventual completion with each player analyzing the current battlefield situation, adjusting their game plan accordingly and executing commands (movements of the playing pieces) in a collective effort to achieve the game’s objective."

This game is really fun.  We had a lot of fun with the game, and will definitely pull it out again.  Make sure you go check out the Commander-In-Chief website!  

One (1) of my Agents is going to receive a Commander-In-Chief Board Game!   Make sure you enter below!  

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Hope said...

Wow, this sounds like a really fun game!

rubynreba said...

I think this would be fun to play with my family. The game pieces look so unique!

Robyn-coolestmommy R said...

I like that you can set an arbitrary length of time to play. This way, we know game can be over before bedtime.

michedt said...

I like the different battlefields. My husband would love this.
Michelle Tucker