Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do Any of the Males in Your Family Use a Silvertip Badger?

Hello Agents!

How is everyone doing tonight?  My dad, mom, and one of my brothers are going on an overnight trip with a friend (just a couple of hours away from here).  They will be leaving tomorrow morning (they are planning on leaving at about nine thirty to ten o' clock), and they will be gone until Thursday evening/Thursday night.  They are going to run a couple of errands, and of course they also want to try and hit a couple of the bookstores and thrift stores! :)

Anyway... back to the subject.  Do any of the males in your family use a Silvertip Badger brush?  None of my brothers or my dad use a badger brush, but it may be worth checking into one for them.  My brothers bathroom is SO FULL of different shaving supplies - razors (electronic, disposable, on the go, etc.), shaving cream, shaving gel, after shave, and more! They have all sorts of colognes, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, detangling/conditioning type hair spray, etc. That isn't even counting all of their hair gel or hair spray... they have BIG tubs of hair gel, small on the go containers of hair gel, HUGE cans of hair spray, tiny spray bottles of hair spray, etc.  They have hair spray/gel of all sizes and colors.  It is ridiculous... they probably have more than all five of us girls put together!  What about your family?  Who has the most hair or body products in your family... the boys or the girls?

Tomorrow those of us that are staying will be doing school (the ones that are out of school will be overseeing :), we will be doing a little bit of work around the house, tomorrow evening several of us have Taekwondo classes, and then we will be having devotions together (and probably play a family board game/card game together).   Those of us here will also be watching our friend's dogs (he owns two - one is a Chihuahua named Ruby, and the other is a Maltese Yorkie mix named Roxie.  They are both small dogs, and are pretty well behaved.), so we will have quite a houseful of dogs!  

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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